3. Transnational Meeting

The third transnational meeting for “MeWeWhole” was held in Maribor (Slovenia) University of Maribor  – Faculty of Arts – Maribor Slovenia for two days during October 25-26, 2016 with the participation of Paul Vare, Arran Stibbe, Daniela Conti, Janja Lužnik, Ana Vovk Korže, Gaye Teksöz, Yıldırım Özkaya and Öznur Doruk.

The targets of the meeting was set to, present and discuss final version of real stories (O1), discuss the first draft of the assessment technique document (O2), agree on the framework of assessment technique, participate in the field visits organized by the host partner (UoM) to visit the areas of the Slovenian real story and discuss organizational matters of the project, clarifications on the working schedule; O1, O2; 4th project meeting venue and time and workshops.

Accordingly the scheduled program the first day of the meeting was set to comprise overviewing the past activities and several managerial aspects (such as items in the budget, mobility tool, dissemination portal, supportive documents), discuss the last versions of the real stories together with the last versions of the field trip documents and the principles for the book printing, discuss the draft document for O2 and discuss the date and draft program for the 4th Transnational Meeting in Chatnam, UK. In the second day however, we travelled to the Dravinja Valley, and visited the places where of the Slovenian real stories were about.

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2. Transnational Meeting

The second meeting was held in Monza, Italy between 23-24 June 2016. The major target of the 2nd transnational project meeting was set as to discuss the draft versions of the real stories that will be the core part of the ESD Book (O1). 4 stories were introduced by the partners and later the content of the stories were discussed. The second day was planned to discuss the further activities, such as the strategy for constructing the accompanying field trips (O1), the strategy and content of the assessment material (O2) and the date for the 3rd transnational meeting.

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1. Transnational Meeting

Kick off meeting was held in Ankara between 21-22 January 2016. Meeting started with a brief presentation given by the Project Coordinator (Prof. Dr. Gaye Teksöz ) related to the main points of the projects, such as the context, outputs and events. After introducing the partners, the coordinator asked project partners to introduce themselves and their organizations. Later, the content of ESD book was discussed. The discussions made around the stories was very helpful to make all partners’ mind and ideas clear about the real stories that are planned to be included in the Book. Afterthat, the date of the second transnational meeting was determined.

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